The Four Keys to Advertising Success®

The Four Keys to Advertising Success

What initially started as a how-to book for local business owners, the Four Keys to Advertising Success® has evolved into the play book for local advertising sales organizations.

As a small business owner, you have learned about advertising at the School of Hard Knocks. As a media salesperson, you have too, in a way, with early cancellations and unhappy advertisers. Trial and error is no way to spend money on advertising. The problem is, there is too much error in this methodology.

The fact is, you are probably making the same mistakes others are making and for no good reason. Now, you can learn from other small business owners and avoid making another costly mistake.


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The Online Webinar

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® Webinar is a great way to familiarize your team with the fundamental research behind the Four Keys and the best way to use them in planning your advertising or your advertising sales efforts. You'll learn what hundreds of other local business owners have learned in order to make their advertising more effective and more profitable.

The Workshop

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® Workshop has generated over $100 million in new local direct advertising for local media companies. We have trained thousands of salespeople to be Four Keys to Advertising Success® sales consultants. The workshop is a complete sales system to help you sell more advertising and develop a high performance sales team.

Who Should Read the Four Keys?

Advertising buyers and sellers should both read The Four Keys to Advertising Success®. If you have ever felt unsure about advertising. this book is for you.

If you find that advertising is hard to understand and difficult to measure, this book is for you.

The book is based on hundreds of interview with local business owners about what works and what doesn't. It has been used by thousands of advertising salespeople to provide their customers with a more effective product.

If you somehow feel that advertising doesn't work for your category of business, you need to order a copy of the Four Keys to Advertising Success.

Before you throw more good money after bad, you need to order a copy of the Four Keys to Advertising Success.®

Confused About Advertising

"A short, helpful, profound book that documents the pitfalls as well as the principles of local advertising. Groupon groupies, in particular, should read The Four Keys." - Al Ries, co-author, War in the Boardroom.

Why Read the Four Keys?

Happy Business Owner

This book is written specifically for small business owners but has been widely accepted as a foundational training tool for advertising sellers. It is a s step-by-step guide to help small business owners avoid becoming victims of "marketing malpractice."

It is a one-hour guide for the small business owner to help you recognize BADvertising when you see it.

You know you need to advertise to attract new customers but every time you do you, it doesn't feel like it's doing you any good.

You don't need to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Learn how to spend your money wisely and grow your business more quickly.

It's not that hard when you know The Four Keys to Advertising Success®.

"A slim and elegant advertising how-to for local advertisers. Jargon free, this highly useful, readable and practical guide covers all the best practices to succeed at advertising your local business. Crisp and brisk." - Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus Media | Westwood One

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Advertising

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® is based on hundreds of interviews with local small business owners.

The interviews were separated into two groups based on whether or not the business owner was satisfied their advertising.

When we compared what the satisfied business owners did with what the unsatisfied business owners were doing, a clear pattern began to emerge. In the advertising the satisfied small business owners were doing, there were four key elements present in every single one.

Surprisingly, having a large advertising budget was not one of them.


"It's an easy to read book that pulls together a lot of good thinking that is invaluable for operating in a very competitive world." - Jack Trout, author, Repositioning

Track Record of Success

Open for Business

Once the Four Keys to Advertising Success® were identified, we took our findings to those business owners who said they were unsatisfied, and we showed them what we found.

We asked them to follow the Four Keys to Advertising Success® for at least one year.

Within the first three to four months, a large portion of these business owners started to feel more satisfied with their advertising.

By the end of the year, every single one of these small business owners reported being more satisfied with their advertising efforts.

"The Four Keys to Advertising Success will make you and your business successful sooner. Read it and re-read it before your competitors do." - Chris Lytle, author of The Accidental Salesperson and The Accidental Sales Manager

Teaching the Four Keys

What started out as a project to help local small business owners understand how to avoid making another costly advertising mistake, has grown into a nationwide awareness of better advertising practices.

In fact, you can see evidence of The Four Keys to Advertising Success® in national advertising campaigns every day on every medium.

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The Four Keys Webinar

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® one-hour webinar is a perfect way to introduce your advertising sales force to the valuable lessons learned from the research.

If your business is seeking a better way and want to avoid another costly advertising mistake, the company specific webinar could help you make better decisions.