Each direct mail piece is professionally printed in full color on oversize card stock so it sticks out and gets attention when the mail arrives. The front of the card is a colorful attention grabbing picture and headline making it the first thing the recipient looks at. Each direct mail piece is custom made to reflect your stations and your markets.

The back of the card contains the information about dates, times and how to make a reservation. The names of the prospects are printed directly on the card at the time of the mailing, they are not stuck on with labels. The direct mail piece is mailed with First Class postage and arrives in 2-3 business days. With First Class postage, any non-deliverable cards are returned to you for additional follow up.

Corpus Christie Texas

Front Cover
Back Cover

San Jose California

San Jose Front 1-5
San Jose Back - Final

Melbourne Florida

Branding Workshop Front - Melbourne

New York City New York

WPLJ Front Final
WPLJ Back Final
Branding Workshop Back - Melbourne