The Webinar

Introduce your advertising sales team to The Four Keys to Advertising Success with a one-hour webinar. Your team will learn about the foundational research that supports the premise of the Four Keys, how the research was conducted and why it can help answer virtually any stall or objection they may encounter in their sales efforts.

Watching a Webinar

If you encounter prospects who said they tried advertising once and it didn't work, you'll be able to show them why they were disappointed and what they can do to prevent another failure and ensure future success.

Author Spike Santee will present an entertaining message sure to deliver many practical ideas you can start using right away in your everyday sales efforts. Spike has helped thousands of Radio sales people sell nearly a half a billion dollars in Radio advertising by using the Four Keys.

The webinar is full of good ideas that can help you go back and resurrect old relationships and fire them back up but this time, built on a solid foundation of easy to understand advertising principals that lead to measurable returns on the advertising investment.

"If I were a media rep I'd buy this book and give it to every one of my customers to help them understand what works and why when it comes to making their advertising succeed." - B. Eric Rhoads, Publisher RADIO INK magazine

Schedule A Four Keys to Advertising Success® Webinar

Scheduling a webinar for your group on the Four Keys to Advertising Success® is easy, just drop us a note expressing your interest and the possible dates you want. We'll contact you to discuss your goals for the webinar, possible dates and formats. Just click here to request more information and check availability.

Working with Clients

Based on the actual feedback from local business owners who have used the Four Keys to Advertising Success, your employees will learn how to explain these and common sense principals in a way that builds trust with your prospects and that leads to better relationships based on results and not personalities.

"The Four Keys to Advertising Success will make you and your business successful sooner. Read it and re-read it before your competitors do." - Chris Lytle, author of The Accidental Salesperson and The Accidental Sales Manager.

Online Webinar

But what most people find amazing is that advertising success is not about how much money you spend but more about how you spend the money you have. It's all about the techniques described in the Four Keys to Advertising Success®. Local business owners will learn how to spend their money in the very same way that the biggest advertisers spend theirs.

By the end of the webinar, you will want to bring Spike into your market to conduct the Four Keys to Advertising Success® with your local prospects.

"A Short, helpful, profound book that documents the pitfalls as well as the principles of local advertising. Groupon groupies, in particular, should read The Four Keys." - Al Ries, co-author, War in the Boardroom

"It's an easy to read book that pulls together a lot of good thinking that is invaluable for operating in a very competitive world." - Jack Trout, author, Repositioning

The Four Keys to Advertising Success® makes a great webinar for advertising salespeople and business owners alike. We use the latest online learning tools as our webinar platform to deliver custom learning experiences that engage learners through interactivity and collaboration. Each webinar involves dynamic audio and video, polls, smart Q&A and other tools to grab and hold the attention of the participants.

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